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February 18, 1938

Enough about this "Rape of Nanking" already!

I've had it up to here with the media going on an on about this so called "Rape" of Nanking. Haven't I suffered enough persecution? I had a bright future ahead of me and now I'm being blamed for some incident that's already in the past. I just want to move on with my life and my country's future.

Whatever did or didn't happen in Nanking, haven't I suffered enough with all the hate mail I get and the scorn from the League of Nations? And don't even get me started on Chiang Kai Shek, he is so biased in this. Plus what kind of a ruler is he anyway? Where's the outrage over the Shanghai massacre? Why am I being punished for the rest of my life over a short six weeks of action?


 Adolf Hitler Minimize

I'm sorry you are suffering so much for one little incident. I hope you can find the strength to pick yourself up and go on with your life. Stay strong my friend. We all know there's a lot of alcohol consumed in that city.


 Josef Stalin Minimize

It's really the media's fault. They get hold of something like this and  they blow it wayyy out of proportion and they don't let go.  Don't even get me started on Ukraine, they act like every problem they have from here on out is somehow tied to this thing called "Trauma" that no scientist can back up. Ask the media if that city's ever been occupied before. You might find some pretty interesting things once you start digging around.


 Francisco Franco Minimize

Tell me about it. One little incident in Guernica, no one cared. Then Picasso paints a picture and the whole world hates me. Damn liberal media. It's all biased. I had a great future unifying my country, now it could all be taken from me. Is that fair?  Maybe things could have gone differently, but I need to focus on being the best fascist dictator I can, for my country for my people. Why should they be deprived of all that for some small town no one every heard of?


 Fox News Minimize

Why is the liberal media afraid to ask the real questions? What was Nanking doing in that part of China? At that hour? What was it wearing?


 Bill Cosby Minimize

We all know that's a lying whore of a city. They just want to sue for compensation in the League of Nations. This whole thing didn't happen at all.


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