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June 12th, 1944

I Have a Secret Weapon!

This is it, I have a secret weapon that will totally destroy the allies. This is gonna shut them down for good. All the haters are gonna be shut down, starting with Churchill. There is no good response to this secret weapon. Hold on allies, prepare to be destroyed:

That should totally shut them down.


 Sir Winston Minimize

God you are so bad at this Adolf. Everyone remembers that horrible one you sent me back in 1940:

That totally won the Battle of Britain.


 FDR Minimize

Yeah, I remember that one. Adolf lives in his own little world. He doesn't understand memes, or American production capacity.


 Hermann the German Minimize

Two can play at this game. Prepare to be shut down, haters!


 Man of Steel Minimize

Hah, you make a good joke. Here's my favorite meme:


 Sir Winston Minimize

Hah! Good one Joe. We're not really impressed with your "secret weapon" Adolf. That was almost as bad as the Me 321.


 FDR Minimize

You always crack me up Churchill. That one's gonna go viral. Here's another.


 Fuhrer Extreme Minimize

Why are you not all shut down? I did the meme thing, you are supposed to be shut down, destroyed, blasted, once and for all! That's it, next time I'm trying a tweet.


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