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The Hoolinet gets visitors from all over the world. (China, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Woodbridge, etc.) I am curious what brings you here and what you're looking at. If you have a minute, drop me an email at and let me know what interested you and how you found it. Thanks!


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 Welcome to the Hoolinet

What? The Hoolinet, the official humor archive of Mark Hoolihan. Here you'll find the best parody and satire ever put on this webpage. Definitely worth every penny you're spending. Inside you'll find humor on almost any topic known and a few I just made up. All Mark Hoolihan originals.

Who? I'm an historian who specializes in East European and Jewish History. I'm originally from St. Cloud, MN. I've lived mostly in Michigan, but also spent time in Eastern Europe, particularly the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, which I described in Letters From Abroad on this website. I currently live in Michigan with my wife, daughter and our very large Tibetan Mastiff named Timmy. On the side I write parody and other forms of humor.

Why? Because I can. Seriously. People often ask why I do this and how much time it takes. Well, it doesn't actually take that long. A good song parody takes 20-30 min. A really long one like "American Pie" can take quite a bit longer. Some of these are on serious topics but don't take anything too seriously, I don't. For me it's just a way to unwind. Enclosed herein is an archive of some of what I've done. 

How? Just click on the links to the left. First read the Disclaimer.

Very Important Disclaimer

By opening this webpage I affirm that I am at least 18 months of age. Furthermore I affirm that this webpage is the funniest thing ever created. If I were in any way to complain about it to anyone I would be nothing but a big weenie with way too much time on his/her hands who should promptly attempt to improve my pathetic life in more constructive ways than criticizing people who are actually doing something with theirs.

Reminder: It is never my intention to offend anyone. If you have any nice comments please send them to me at

And if you have any negative comments please keep them to yourself. Remember, I didn't send this webpage to you, you came here. So there's no need to be rude now is there.

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The Hoolinet started out as a small project on a VIC-20 hooked up to a nine volt battery in my parents' basement, sending jokes out over telegraph wires,but has morphed into a humor powerhouse with global reach. If it's not funny you're too young!


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