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It's a Trap!

We've got to do something about these religious fundamentalists. This alliance could fall apart if we're not just as careful about the enemy within as the enemy without. We are falling for the trap of creeping Force within our own society as we battle for our life against evil Jedi forces from outside. Our own tolerance of these fanatics within our midst blinds us to the reality of their radical holy war on our civilization itself.

We should all remember Alderan and the devastation these religious fanatics caused to our galaxy. Now these same fanatics of the "peacekeeping" Jedi religion want to impose the force on our society and recruit young children in their temples to be holy warriors.

All these fanatics trained together, believe in the same invisible "Force" which none of them really explain and they want to move around our society, gaining sympathy within our own military through high up connections. I say preserve our traditional culture! Anyone who speaks up against this "Force" is persecuted, that's not the freedom I'm fighting for. Remember Alderan!


 Princess Leia Minimize

The Jedis of the dark side are just some very misguided fanatics and in no way represent the peaceloving majority who believe in the force. The Jedi are just peaceful believers of an ancient religion and culture who should be respected as members of our society. I remember the pain of Alderan too, but I don't blame an entire religion for the actions of a few evil individuals.


 Han Solo Minimize

I never believed in all this hocus pocus, I put my faith in a good blaster. Now these fanatics want to walk around our streets dressed in their "traditional" garb. I can't just sit back and watch them ruin our culture. I even heard some of them date their sisters.


 Luke Skywalker Minimize

It was only one kiss and I swear I didn't know she was my sister!  Besides, I've had a whole lot of therapy to get over that. We get persecuted for wearing our traditional robes, but we're not hurting anyone. In a multicultural galaxy can't we all just practice a little tolerance?


 Wuher Minimize

I'll tell you what tolerance'll get you, they take over. I used to let everyone into my bar and try to be open-minded, but now these Jedi temples are everywhere. Complain about the fact that their taking over Mos Eisley and you get called a bigot on every twitter and facebook page from here to Hoth in less than 12 parsecs. Now I hear that they have droids programmed to go around and convert people. But you go up to their temples and ask about them they just wave their hands and say "These are not the droids you're looking for." You know what? Sometimes these ARE the droids we're looking for.


 Yoda Minimize

You're lack of faith disturbing do I find. This kind of paranoia and prejudice is not good for our society or this alliance. That's not the values our Republican founders gave us.


 Admiral Ackbar Minimize

Don't you dare pretend the Founding Fathers of this Republic believed in your superstitious religion of hate. The Founding Fathers sure as heck didn't wear silly robes and believe in some ancient magic and unseen powers. I say burn the Jedi books, throw their leaders into the Sarlac pit, tear down their temples and send them all back to Tatooine or wherever these sand Wookies came from. Then we can get back to traditional values and not have our children turned into a bunch of towel wearing, scruffy looking nerf herders.


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Age: 53

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