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Special Report: Recent unrest in the Neighborhood of Make Believe has resulted in the overthrow of King Friday's regime and the installation of a provisional revolutionary government. There are reports of widespread violence and rumors that King Friday and other members of the government may have been beheaded. International aid organizations have been unable to enter the country and all foreign news media are strictly controlled.

A press conference was called today by a revolutionary calling himself "Subcommandante Tiger" who read this statement, "The oppressive regime of the tyrant Friday the XIII has come to an end. The evil parasite living off the labor of the people is dead. The winds of liberty finally flow through the new founded People's Republic of Make Believe. Power to the people! Long Live the Revolution!"

The revolution was not unexpected, according to informed sources. The Neighborhood had been in economic decline for some time. The death of the King's greatest adviser, Fred Rogers seems to have led to 20 years of unrest, poor harvests and increasingly erratic behavior on the part of the King. His son, Prince Tuesday, was reported to have tried to launch a coup and was thrown into a dungeon, forced to subsist on bread crusts and vegetables.

The price of Teddy Grahams had skyrocketed recently and the reported words of Queen Saturday, "Let them eat cake pops" only inflamed anger. Local troublemaker Lady Elaine Fairchilde reportedly led the assault on the King's arsenal. Troops refused to fire on the crowds of angry citizens, leading to the King's abdication and reported death.

There are reports of continued violence, and so far the United Nations has refused to recognize the People's Republic of Make Believe. Members of the royal family who escaped have reportedly set up a government in exile on Sesame Street. Unconfirmed reports of the ethnic cleansing of the Frogg family and a flood of refugees taking shelter at The Electric Company have international observers very concerned whether the new government is stable.  The UN has called on the new government to respect puppet rights but has so far been unable to send in monitors. Stay tuned for further updates as they come in.


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