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Liberal Media Lies - Again!

So they're at it again, trying to paint me as something I'm not. "Evil" "Monster" "Tried to kill a child". You can't believe how biased the media is. It's not just the Daily Prophet (The "Daily Potter" if you ask me.) It's all of them. (Yeah, I'm talking about you Quibbler, don't think I'll forget about you.)

Anyone who knows me knows I'm the least evil person you will ever meet. Allright, maybe I said some of those things, but that's just Dungeon Talk. We've all been there, am I right? I tell it like it is, and really I'm just saying what we're all thinking.

Now some of my own wizards are criticizing me. Fine, if I have to destroy humanity by myself I'll do it my way. But I'll remember who my allies were and who were my enemies.


 West Wing Minimize

Dungeon Talk? We do NOT all talk like that.  Let's just call evil evil.It's not just this one time, it's a lifetime of everything you've said and done, and it all adds up - tiny nose.


 Voldemort Minimize

Witch Please! This nose is HUUUGE!  There's nothing wrong with it and there's nothing wrong with anything else. So I said a few things. We all remember the Emerald City!


 Witchiepoo Minimize

Enough with the Emerald City already you narcissistic, creepy-skinned Darth Vader rip-off.  THIS is a nose, but I never poked it in anyone's business without their consent.


 Samantha Minimize

Get over your noses already. It's not the size of the Schnozz, it's what you do with it.


 Gargamel Minimize

Witches be crazy. Am I right He Who Shall Not Be Tamed? Those of us who are well endowed in the proboscis department know why the ladies get all crazy when we're around.


 Clinton Minimize

Give the misogyny a slip and come on up to the mother ship! You cats are so full of hate because you never let the love enter your hearts.  We gonna flip the script, there's a real type of thing going down.


 Voldemort Minimize

Dammit Clinton, enough of your lies! When I take over I am going to disband parliament and lock you up in Azkaban.


 Tom Riddle Minimize

Age: Old enough not to ask silly questions.

Education: Hogwarts

Occupation: Successful Businessman

Status: Single, as far as you know.

Goals: Make the Wizarding World Great Again


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