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 Mark Hoolihan's Recipe Collection

 These are some of my favorite recipes. The menu to the left is organized by category.   Most I created myself, some I adapted from other recipes.  My favorite cuisines are Vietnamese and Mediterranean. Many of these I made while working a lot and they're intended to make a lot of leftovers that can be part of a meal (like the salads) or a meal in themselves (like the hot dishes, yes hot dishes, I am from Minnesota.).  This made my life a lot easier when I was commuting to teach at a university over an hour away.  I like to be creative and thus all my measurements here are generalizations. I am a good cook, but not the best photographer, so take that into account, all objects seen here are more delicious than they appear.  Enjoy!


The lamb version of the Beef, Tomato and Eggplant PIlau

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